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On Twitch you can find me as annahetkinen

I am a variety streamer, including categories like video gaming, live music performances and chatting streams.

My schedule changes from time to time due to studies and work, but I update it weekly through my blog on this website. That way, you can always find out what I´m up to for the next few weeks, as my schedule otherwise is still somewhat unstable.

On the good times though, I try to stream 3 times a week, about 4-6 hr/stream. 

Why should you follow me on Twitch?

On Twitch I´m usually rather casual with my viewers, and my streams are for mature audiences. This means the language I am using on stream is somewhat different than what I would use in e.g. a teaching environment. I do not support violence, abuse or discrimination of any way. This platform is just a way to connect more directly and more authentically with the people watching, which I like and respect. 

Through my streams I wish to give an outlet for viewers to relax and have fun, while at the same time I like to talk openly about traveling and living abroad, among other topics. For that reason I also created the "Friends over" streams, which include my oldest and best friend, Alex as a co-host. I encourage my viewers to ask questions and I hope to open their minds about safe traveling and immigration.

On my music streams, on the other hand, I try to offer a more "intimate" live music experience to my audience (small concerts where I am playing and singing), while including some advice for vocal training, a healthy lifestyle and body positivity.  

Goals achieved: 

-I have a Patreon now! Through Patreon you can have access to exclusive content, such as short vocal coaching videos, Q&A videos and exclusive interviews of streamers, artists, musicians etc. 

-I now am collaborating with a classical pianist so that we can have local concerts and enter competitions, and you will also see some of our rehearsals on stream. Possibly even short live concerts! 

-I have a better camera, so that I can have a better sound when live singing :) 

My goals for the future:

My long term goal is to become a full-time streamer, where I could stream 4 times a week, and upgrade the variety and quality of streams I am offering so far, such as:

- Keeping the "Friends over" chatting streams and including even more topics, such as culture, education, interviews with other streamers, artists, performers etc.

-Collaborating with a second contemporary pianist or guitarist in order to upgrade also the pop music streams.

-Including more vocal training and self-expression advice to my viewers, who might be thinking about taking up singing as a hobby, would like some inspiration as performers, or are just streaming for several hours a day and trying to maintain their vocal abilities to a high standard is also important to me as a professional vocal coach. I would love to help others find confidence through music and help keep their voices healthy and shining.

- Ideally, I would love to rent a small studio, or at least enhance my home acoustics with proper sound insulation, which would make the environment more streaming-friendly. 

- I´d like to be able to try out more video games and on different consoles, in order to keep my viewers´ interest peaked (right now I play on gaming laptop, games that are purchased through Steam). 

-Posting more material like stream highlights on Youtube. 

For all the aforementioned purposes, and many more ideas that come to mind every day, I am committed to continue streaming consistently, keeping up with the needs of my viewers and making my channel more professional stream by stream. 

Click the link below to my channel, and follow if you are interested in my content. I am open and very excited to do collaborative streams as well!

Click the link below to become a Patron:

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