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The hype train towards Christmas month!

Last Friday we had a great, lighthearted chat with Alex on stream, on our second "Friends over" and we also celebrated Anakin´s bork-day with a big treat meal, hugs, pets and "Domestic Dog". Once again (I know I said it many times on stream already but it still isn´t enough) a big THANK YOU to everyone who was there to spread the love and the good vibes, and thank you for starting the first Hype train since I started streaming, on such a beautiful day!

I´m very excited to get back to 3 streams a week instead of just one, because I miss you guys and you always make my day whenever I´m online. But I am patient! The "Friday stream only" system will continue for 2 more weeks, and in December I´m going to go back to the original system! However, I might revert back to streaming more sparsely after Christmas holidays, since I need to get my thesis done around January-February, and I´m taking on some extra teaching work during spring. But that´s a long way from now, and I´m just looking forward to December and longer "vacation" (and thesis writing) for now!

In other news, what´s been on my mind lately is what I´m going to do after I graduate (hopefully I´ll get to graduate by next May). And while I also mean to plan already on the start of next year how my summer and autumn is going to be work-wise, I am also thinking about "who I want to be when I grow up". So far my plan was to take a break from studying and only work for a couple of years, and then do a master´s in Music Therapy. And while this is a great field with a lot of potential, in the late years I keep finding myself getting more interested in body positivity, physical expression in singing and performing, and I think this is taking me to another path altogether. As I don´t want to study again for several years at a time full-time (two bachelor degrees are enough for now), I need to do some research and see if I could at some point join the open university courses for e.g. dramaturgy or something similar, while I gain experience myself as a performer in operas or theatre (hopefully I will be given the chance to chase that dream).

So, step one after graduating is starting to coach singing (which is my upcoming profession) and finding smaller jobs as a singer/maybe helping staff in theatrical productions or in operas, or maybe just having singing concerts in Finland to gain some rep. After that, study some more, maybe part-time, or classes that are open uni, and lastly try to see what fits me best. For now for example I am thinking "performer´s coach" would be a fun profession, teaching actors to sing, or young performers to express themselves on stage.

To be frank, I would also love to do streaming full-time at some point, if the conditions allow it. And I have a lot of ideas about what I could offer as a streamer as well. Overall, I think that the more I learn professionally will help me upgrade my music streams (and my streams in general) significantly. I will get into these ideas and plans on another blog post.


Enough rambling, I´m always thinking way ahead in my future because am strongly goal-oriented as you can tell! Back to Twitch streaming plans:

What to expect in December (a sneak peak):

-Christmas-themed chat with Alex on "Friends over"

-Finnish candy taste test with OffdutyHoers

-Music streams

-Possibly a cooking stream...? That´s still to be decided, but it is possible.

-More gaming!

For now, here is the upcoming schedule for the next couple of weeks:

Friday 26.11.2021 at 5 pm UTC+2 : Final Fantasy: endgame?!

Friday 3.12.2021 around 6 pm UTC+2 (will update time before that): Untitled Goose Game co-op with NathaliesWinter ! We have finished all the tasks and we´re giving a go at the "quickly" lists!

Monday 6.12.2021, time TBD: Finnish Christmas Candy Taste Test with OffdutyHoers! We´ve been hoarding a bunch of Christmas-special candy and we want to give you an idea of what´s "the game" in Finland, the land of Santa Claus! (while in other countries people eat the most candy around Halloween, Finns definitely eat the most candy around Christmas!)

I will see you at the latest next Friday, I can´t wait!!! Until then, have a lovely rest of your weekend and a great week!

-Anna <3


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