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I´m back baby!

Last week I started streaming regularly again! It was so invigorating, I had missed everyone after two weeks of break because of my exams! And I was over-the-top happy to also share my solo concert with you! It was a big part of me and my life, I loved the songs I performed, and the response was overwhelmingly positive from you, I´m very grateful!

Well, now that the school year is kind of done, I had to just jump immediately to creative work <3 Streaming, editing VODs and uploading on YouTube, chatting with incredibly creative and awesome people and singing are the things I want to focus on this summer (oh yeah, and writing my thesis).

So, what´s the plan?

The plan is to stream for 3-4 times a week, about 3-4 hours per stream, so I still have energy to record exclusive content and edit VODs etc. (I also am looking for a part-time summer job and I need to continue practicing my singing. These are also affecting my streaming time). Around that concept I´m planning to stream the following stuff:

-Live music streams. Music list is back, and you can vote on the songs you want to hear here! This will give me the opportunity to have chill music time with you, but also to improve my singing technique in pop/jazz songs, so it´s a win-win situation!

-Chatting streams. Alexandra, my bestie, is coming back as well! We´ve both had a very chaotic spring time and mostly we´ve kept in touch through sending instagram reels to each other haha. Together we´re going to talk about our lifestyle abroad, so tune in and give us questions about foreign cultures, living in a foreign country etc!

-Interviews and streams with guests. I love playing with other twitch friends, and so we are most definitely streaming multiplayer game streams during the summer!!! Monster Prom, Overcooked! 2, probably some DBD or Phasmophobia are promised.

But there´s a also a twist: I´m planning to have more guests outside twitch, who I interview (exclusive content on Patreon) and who I stream with, either chatting, gaming or doing something artistic together! I want to bring the world of arts and culture closer to you and I´m very excited to talk to interesting and very talented people! For May, our guest is double Finnish Twerk Champion Monse Villaroel!

-Game streams. How could I leave out the streams from which I started? Right now I´m playing Yakuza 0 and Cthulhu Mythos RPG! I´m fairly new to video games still, but it´s kind of the free time I get, and I really enjoy chatting with you while I´m playing! (I literally never play video games alone!)

-Finally, community streams! About once a month we are having a community stream to celebrate YOU, because without you, I wouldn´t be on Twitch at all! Community streams are my thanks to you <3

Not sure if I`ll add more things on the way, maybe? (Pathfinder sessions, board game streams, something else...?) But there´s a large variety already, so I think we´re at a good start!

What´s the goal?

I want to give more content to you and my brain usually goes to overdrive from the many ideas, so why not put them in use?

While I know it´s hard to get by just off of streaming, I wish that I can make this a part-time job. This is a fantastic hobby, but I´m actually looking forward to, as I said before, let you know more about the world of music, arts, and culture, by performing or bringing other professionals to streams. And since that takes a massive amount of time and effort, and it´s in my professional field, I see it more like work than a hobby. A very fun and interesting work, which I would be more than grateful to have, because it´s honestly very fulfilling.

If you wish to support me, you can do so either by the Twitch ways, or by subscribing to my Patreon, where you can find exclusive content! Check it out here

Here´s the schedule also for this week:

*Special stream*

Tuesday I´m having a very chill music stream AND later on Rainezest ( is having a singing class with me <3 Because she´s a v-tuber, you will be seeing only me, but you´ll be hearing her as well! We´re going to learn a song from NieR, which we´re very excited about!

Wednesday Alexandra is making a comeback as well <3 We have a lot to unpack...! Join us for a cozy chat!

I´ll see you tomorrow, have a good one until then!!!



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