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Guests and adventures!

Highlights from this week´s streams:

On Tuesday I tried something new on stream! It was the first time I´ve ever streamed outside of my own living room, but the theme demanded it. We had a music stream after a super long break, and we also had a singing class with streamer Rainezest live! It was wild with all the technical difficulties and her chaotic setup for the stream, but she was very well focused, patient and did wonderfully on her very first singing class! We started the song "Voice of no Return" from NieR but we might change to another one with less chromatics :D Sometimes you only learn by experimenting! I´ll be very happy to have Raine again next month for another singing stream!

On Wednesday I realized I had misunderstood the scheduled stream with Alex, so I had to change plans on the same day. A few hours before going live, streamer Neylani half-joked she could chat with me instead, so we had an impromptu chatting portion on stream with her and we opened up about various experiences in Finland (Ney is from Germany and lives in Finland as well).

It was really great to talk to her and I´m excited to have her again on board!

Then we played some games, I ditched Cthulhu Mythos RPG because I got terribly lost and "instructions weren´t clear" but maybe it was my fault? Anyways, I will not be reviewing it since I failed to finish it, but overall it left me with mixed impressions. Yakuza 0 on the other hand has been very entertaining and I´m starting to get the hang of it! We reached Chapter 3 and met Majima, the second main character, so I´m looking forward to continuing the story!

Also, I have to admit that I´m getting hooked on Genshin Impact... But because my laptop can´t handle running it for too long (I play around 2 hours each time because I´m afraid of overheating) I cannot overdo it I guess. :D


Now, on to next week´s schedule!

Monday 16.5 I´ll be having my very first sponsored stream (SE sponsorship) and I would highly appreciate the support! We´re gonna play Raid Shadow Legends for a couple of hours, hopefully reach our goal and then continue with Genshin Impact for the rest of the stream.

Wednesday 18.5 we are finally seeing Alexandra live from the Netherlands and we´re catching up, as we´ve both been having a pretty chaotic spring. Warning: cuteness overload, puppers might appear on stream!

Thursday 19.5 we´re playing Journey, which I´ve wanted to play for months and I´m very excited about, and on Friday 20.5 we continue with Yakuza 0!

Patreon content:

On Monday I´m recording a chat/interview with Monse Villaroel, double twerk Finnish champion on 2016 and 2018! Monse is an amazing person, very creative, relaxed and just wonderful to be around. We´re going to talk about culture, arts, lifestyle and teaching. Recording will be uploaded by the end of May on Patreon, but Monse will appear once again on stream before that to answer your questions!

Short video on Patreon on the 13th of May and the next one will be posted on the 21st!

Stay tuned for more news folks!!!

Until we see each other again, I hope you have a great time.


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