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Goose strikes again, steals Finnish candy

Hello friends!

I hope your week has been fine. I´m in full "Christmas break" mode, which means mostly nothing because even though I take a break from work, I still have to write my thesis during December. But I´ll be streaming more during next month, which is awesome, because I have missed you a ton!


Last Friday, if you missed it, I finished Final Fantasy! My experience was very positive with the game, I think for someone like me, a beginner in jrpgs and foreign to the Final Fantasy universe, it is a very good game to get to know the franchise. I know that the first game is a bit "irrelevant" to the rest, and that the characters don´t even have personalities, but the story was still nice, there was a lot to do, a variety of funnier and more serious quests, and the game was in general easy to navigate. I did need a hint or two from a guide for a couple of spots, otherwise I would have been stuck for a very long time just not figuring out where the hidden passage is to key places, but overall I found my way around nicely. To be honest, I was even maybe missing something, I would have wanted it there to be a couple more towns for flavor, particularly in the northern continents. Once I was in the northern hemisphere of the world, everything was more linear, leads were clear to the next stage of the story. Maybe that´s a good thing though, extra mini-quests don´t take away from the focus on the real threats tormenting this world: the Fiends.

The four Fiends in the four separate locations of the world were rather easy to defeat, I was genuinely surprised with how quickly they could be beaten at first. However, the last stage in the Chaos Shrine did not disappoint me. The Fiend battles there are more challenging and made me kind of nervous as to what I was going to face next. I found they were increasingly difficult to beat, but luckily we did not face a TPK at any point. Lastly, the ancient boss fight was a big challenge, but doable nonetheless, with the appropriate tools and tactics. I am very happy to have defeated the boss on my first try, and there´s no denying I got emotional during the ending credits (I didn´t cry, but I was pretty close). I´ve been streaming this game for several weeks after all.

After FF we just casually tried out "the Cat games" a selection of really cute cat minigames, and we also started "Where the Water tastes like Wine", a narrative-driven game about Great Depression-Era USA, where the main character explores the US and gathers and spreads stories and experiences.

Next in line, as my main game, will be Final Fantasy II (again, a pixel remake)! I´ll start that probably on the first week of December, but before that, we have some other surprises for you:

Schedule for the next weeks:

Friday 3.12.2021 (around 6 pm UTC+2): Untitled Goose Game w/NathaliesWinter

This time the goose squad tackles all the tasks, quickly. I am looking to 100% this game, and playing with Nathalie was really fun, so I´m glad we get to do it again, and hopefully we will succeed!

Monday 6.12.2021 (time TBD, probably around 4pm UTC+2): Finnish Christmas Candy taste test w/ OffdutyHoers

Christmas to Finns is what Halloween is to Americans: it´s the greatest time to consume candy. Mainly there´s a chocolate overload in the stores, and I´ve hoarded as many Finnish and Swedish Christmas-themed candy as I could for the past weeks. On Finnish Independence Day, we open the wondrous bag of sweets and rate them with OffdutyHoers.

We will probably play some multiplayer games as well, and have a quiz to determine the next VIP for the month, so be there if you want to participate!

Most probably there will be streams on Thursday 9.12.2021 and Friday 10.12.2021, and while I have an idea of their content, I still need to make some arrangements.

I will see you all next Friday, until then, have a great week!


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