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First RPG ever, friends on stream and a special b-day coming up!

I have realized in the past years that November and February are the hardest months of my uni years. Now that I live further away from university, I´m drained even easier.

I consider myself a rather organized and decisive person, who likes to study and learn new things. My studying years in Finland have been some of my best years ever. However, it feels like my planning and organizing skills have gone downhill since the start of last summer, and I´ve struggled since then to focus both on important tasks and on my own wellbeing.


Last summer I was mentally in a bad state, as work (as a nurse, my primary degree) added a lot of pressure on me. As a result, I felt exhaustion and everything that I would have loved to do, like working out, exploring the city I had just moved to, meeting with friends, everything was set aside and replaced by long sleeping hours. Streaming was also a very new thing for me and I didn´t do it more than once a week, and as everyone will know, the early days are the loneliest and the hardest, especially since I didn´t have any support but my husband who watched me.

I was looking forward to fall and the new school year, and for my part-time teaching work to begin as well. And I was very happy with the change of pace. However, things have changed both around school and in my everyday life. Most friends have different schedules than me or they are abroad for the semester, and I travel to uni only for 2 days/1 night every week. Early morning bus trips, carrying a heavy backpack everywhere, and being in another family´s home (while they are absolutely lovely and I´m extremely grateful I can stay with them) where I am completely dependent on their routine in order to schedule mine is tiring. While obviously I do important things during those days, my inability to plan them however I want to and the fact I´m away from my own environment, makes me feel like 2 days of my week are always lost.

This, as well as the fact November is a busy month with lots of school assignments starting to feel pressuring on my calendar, made me decide to have streams only 1/week for November, especially after the crazy pre-Halloween 5-day stream schedule that I pulled in October during fall break.

So, we are continuing with Friday streams for a few more weeks, while in December, when my part-time job is on a break, I will return to a 3 streams/week variety schedule for a while.

Schedule for the next weeks:

Friday 19/11/2021 at 12.00 pm UTC+2 Eastern European Time: Friends over w/ Anna and Alex + Anakin b-day special!

What it will include: The first couple of hours we will catch up with my best friend Alex and talk about our lifestyle abroad! We try to keep it casual and of course we would be very happy to hear any questions you might have about traveling, moving abroad, different cultures etc.

The next part is about Anakin, who on the 16/11 turns 5 years old! As I won´t be at home for his birthday, we will be celebrating it together with the viewers on stream on Friday, who seem to love him so much! (we´re very thankful for your love). We will give him treats, play with him on camera (maybe have him give us another inspiring speech) and then we will be playing Domestic Dog on stream!

Last but not least, we will be having another quiz, to which viewers can participate, declaring another VIP role until the next special/community stream (in December)!

Friday 26/11/2021 (probably 5pm UTC+2 EET): Final Fantasy Friday stream!

This will probably be the endgame for my very first Final Fantasy game and, more importantly, my very first RPG game ever! Last Friday I defeated the fiends of Water and Air, and now we need to go to the Chaos Shrine and defeat the final boss! I´m very excited!!!

What´s the next big thing? I have some shorter games which I would like to try out, but I´m still trying to map out December´s stream schedule and content. I want to find a game which is probably another RPG to have as a "main game" and spend my other streams playing those shorter ones, trying out demos, chatting with Alex and the chat, and playing some music for you!

We will also have a special discord surprise and a pre-Christmas special stream, and I´m looking forward to sharing everything with you!

Have a lovely new week, and I will see you next Friday! Bai!

-Anna <3


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