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Dating and Surviving

Oof! It´s been a couple of weeks since I´ve posted! I took a little break from posting on this blog since 2 weeks ago I had only 1 collaborative Art stream with Rainezest, Keepa37, Boy_Soprano and Limetreeestate! We drew on by giving a prompt and a "handicap" to each other and picking a winner out of all the drawings. It was chaotic fun, just the way I like it! S.U.N.G. (our group, can you guess the origin of the name?) will definitely be "touring" and having more art streams in the future!

(Art by Rainezest. Prompt was "Anakin" aka my dog. Handicap was "collage" only use photos and no drawing tools to make the pic. I don´t dare post the more cursed image made by Boy_Soprano.)

These days we´ve been playing "Our Life: Beginnings and Always" which was much longer than I had anticipated xD But it´s good fun. The "long" part is that you´re basically going through the character´s whole life (Childhood, Teenage years, Young Adulthood and Adulthood). We are FINALLY in the Young Adult years and honestly, it has some pretty cute moments! No DLC, just the main game, so we do only have one romantic target, but we´re gonna get him for sure! <3 After that I´ll return to Yakuza 0 and I think it´ll be wise when I play solo to just focus on one game haha. But what can I do, sometimes I just crave change!

We do have a lot of things going on though, so I shouldn´t complain! Actually, we did play Monster Prom on Saturday with RoosaRaccoon and rosiemary_ , which was very exciting! It turned quite sus, not gonna lie... But hey, it´s Monster Prom, who could expect anything else?!

The week also did have a "dating sim" theme, as on Wednesday I joined Rainezest´s "Hatoful Boyfriend" stream as a guest, where I VA´d Azami Koshiba xD It was a love story for the ages!

The escape from the dating sim world came on Sunday, when the metal band "Bloody Falls" joined me for a "Culture & Chill" stream! Our viewers got to meet the band, direct questions at them, and we played DBD together as well! It was a fantastic stream, the guys are amazing! I´m just very happy that I was able to bring them over and share their music and a bit of their lore with everyone!

The VOD of the stream with Bloody Falls will be soon available on YouTube, while today we also recorded the more "serious" interview part as well for Patreon! Check their music out by clicking on the image below!

I have to admit that, while the genre is not something I personally actively seek for my Spotify lists, their latest album "Burn the Witch" was very easy and enjoyable to listen to!

Bloody Falls´ music is full of intense energy, the transitions between the songs were very smooth, and the quality of sound was really high! The guitar riffs by Stavros and Marko are clean and memorable. The songs include often some tempo change, so they´re never boring. The vocals by Antero are really clear in articulation, and Salla Flinkman´s vocals also give a fresh vibe to the song "Burn the Witch" and the other songs she was featured in.

My personal favorite from the album was "Soul Ripper"!

I´m very much looking forward to sharing our interview session with you next month!

But wait, is there anything else for this week?

Of course there is!

To balance things out a bit, since I streamed the whole weekend, I´m going to have 2 streams this week. Thursday I´d like to introduce the "Culture & Chat" stream, basically a chatting stream where I blab about music-related news, articles etc. This week we´re going to be talking about a very special story by a soprano, which made the TED talks.

Friday content is still open for debate, but probably I´ll continue with Our Life, so we can finish it as soon as possible and go back to Yakuza 0. But you never know what might change in this little head of mine last minute!

By the way, we are only 4 followers away from 300!!! If you don´t know what that means, I´ll tell you: It means another community day!! Fingers crossed we´ll soon surpass that number!

Well, here is the end of this post. I hope you have a lovely start of your week, and I will see you online very soon again!


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