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I always liked to experiment with music and you can see that from the different projects I try from time to time. 

The singing technique I'm mostly focusing on nowadays is classical. I perform in local classical music festivals and I am intrigued and excited to work also on operas or musicals in the future, if given the chance. It's, as cheesy as it sounds, a dream I've had since my teenage years.

I also try to incorporate the classical singing technique more or less in other genres and projects I try, e.g. in the single "The Void" by Toracha, or I lightly experimented with it in the Arktos Borea band's songs where I was the lead singer for several years. 

I like to be versatile and so I'm open to any suggestions, from singing pop to soul to metal and of course classical, so go ahead and contact me if you would consider collaborating. 

As great as it is to be talking about performing arts, I should mention again that my career also consists of the pedagogic part. 

I will be graduating from Savonia UAS as a music/singing pedagogue (est. grad. y. 2022), something which I'm very excited about. Already during the studying program we get our first students assigned, so as to gain experience and develop a responsible pedagogic identity.

Teaching is definitely something I can put my full heart into and I have some experience in it already by teaching languages to adults.

Since I'm being classically trained, that is the technique I will be teaching as well, so as to avoid possible confusion. I also recommend focusing on one technique if you lack experience instead of working on several ones, as that can potentially lead to health issues. 

I am aspiring to work creatively and in a safe environment with my students. Contact me if you would like some private singing lessons.

"...Se a caso madama la notte ti chiama oopperasta Figaron häät kuultiin Ossi Putkosen ja Anna Adamopouloun duettona. Putkosen baritonissa on terävyyttä ja soinnikkuutta, lavaesiintyminen antaa rennon vaikutelman. Adamopouloun sopraano soi miellyttävän pyöreänä."