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    Arktos Borea is a Finnish melodic rock band formed in 2015. 

    From our rehearsals and recordings in the exotic Rautavaara and Nilsiä, to the deep discussions over warm cups of coffee, we have been a close team who aspire to offer our audience high quality music, coming from the heart. We have inspired each other and grown together both personally and musically since 2015.

    In the autumn of 2020, I decided to focus on my university studies and on classical singing. A move to another city was also one of the factors I had to unfortunately leave the band, as distance and time management showed increasing problems.

    Our relationship is still friendly with the other team members, and I´m thankful for their understanding and support to let me focus on my journey.  

    Anna Adamopoulou - singing & keyboards (2015-2020)
    Jani Korhonen - lead guitar
    Timo Korhonen - guitar
    Antti Korhonen - bass
    Olli Rossinen - drums


    Logo created by Katerina Alabasini

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