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Photo taken by: Kristiina Kortelainen @Kuopio katusoitto festivaali 2018

I am a singer, a performer, a creator, a guide and storyteller, who continues to learn, explore and experiment, in order to offer my clients and audience the best experience they deserve.

Hello and welcome to my website! 

I am Anna Adamopoulou, aka "annahetkinen" in media and streaming platforms. I am a creative professional from Greece, currently located in Finland. I am a soprano and a classical vocal coach.


Teaching is a calling which I discovered when I started a part-time job as a greek language teacher at the community college of Kuopio in 2018. Since then, dozens of students have been learning greek with me. This experience has helped me grow as a pedagogue by identifying different group dynamics, researching creative ways for teaching and developing my social skills in finnish.

As a singing teacher my main goals are to promote health and wellbeing, as well as help clients find confidence in expressing themselves musically. Performance on stage is a very important part of learning. not only to sing, but also to practice self love. I personally love to find new perspectives on musical expression and storytelling and I feel the most free when I let the music guide me on stage. This is also an aspect I want to bring forward as a teacher.


Apart from classical music, I have had the pleasure to record rock and electronic music genre songs with other artists, most of which you can find on this website. I am looking forward to having more collaborations with music creators and lend my voice to their projects.

I have always found interest in different outlets of creative work, and so since the spring of 2021 I am also a streamer on Twitch. Twitch as a platform gives me the freedom to choose from a variety of stream categories. So far my main themes have been video games, live music and chatting. 

I am currently streaming part-time, while studying and working at the same time, and I´ve found true passion for it. I´m constantly having new ideas on how to develop my channel, including live jamming sessions/casual gigs, chatting streams and interviews about lifestyle abroad, traveling culture, education and arts, and of course more gaming.


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