Photo taken by: Kristiina Kortelainen @Kuopio katusoitto festivaali 2018

I am a singer, a performer, a creator, a teacher and guide, who continues to learn, explore and experiment, in order to offer my clients the best experience they deserve.

My journey started with a Casio keyboard at the age of 7, a Christmas gift from my father.

Throughout the years my musical studies have spread to different instruments and genres, as by my nature I love to experiment. 

My musical education in my home country, Greece, includes over 10 years of classical piano training under the teaching of Foteini Karakyriakou at the National Conservatory of Athens, 8 years of pop/jazz singing under the coaching of Polymnia Kondyli, 2 years of choir singing under the conducting of Spiros Klapsis and 1 year of classical singing under the teaching of Anna Mouzaki. 

Life always brings surprises and big changes from time to time, and for me that was my trip to Finland at the age of 22, when I decided in a heartbeat that I wanted to explore the world and make the most of my life and the chances I get. 

Financial insecurity caused a break in my consistent musical studies but I continued my hobby still, starting as a member of the University of Eastern Finland choir JOY for about 2 years. 

Once I got the chance to start properly studying music again, it was clear to me I wanted to focus on the classical singing technique. I never close the door to some experimentation with other genres though.

I have thus far studied classical singing since 2016 in Kajaani and Kuopio, under the teaching of Eeva Hartemaa, Annuliina Ikäheimo, Anna Immonen and Annastiina Tahkola. 

Since the autumn of 2018, I have been studying Music Pedagogy at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Kuopio, majoring in classical singing. 

I aspire to be a trustworthy teacher, one who can create a safe environment for my students to learn in, from basic things like breathing, to more advanced like performing opera arias. 
My goal is not only to help my clients develop their skill in singing and performing, but to promote wellness and build confidence, through empathy and open communication. 

Teaching to me feels like a calling, it brings me joy and pushes me to learn more along my students.

I would not wish to limit myself to strictly teaching though, as it is proven that a music pedagogue's path is rather complicated and a singing pedagogue should stay always relevant and grow along with his or her students. 

Therefore I also want to be a singer, a performer, a creator. 

I want to experiment with different genres of music and collaborate with different artists, so I can always get new perspectives and ideas. I'm excited to try out new things and take on challenges. 

Feel free to contact me for a collaboration on a project, or for tutelage in singing, in either english or finnish language, or even greek if you wish!